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School Values

  • Willing to learn and being the best I can be
  • Feeling good about myself
  • Showing respect and concern for others
  • Being responsible and doing “The Right Thing”
  • Caring for my school & environment

At the beginning of the school year the staff of South Bunbury Primary School reviewed the core Values of the State’s “Curriculum Framework”. The staff worked together to reword the values in ‘kids – speak’. This was done so that all students have a common understanding and purpose when they are at school.

Each class further analysed these 5 values and developed a list of behaviours they are required to exhibit at the school. The 5 core values allow children to have a frame of reference that constructively contributes to the development of a positive and disciplined attitude towards school. All behaviour, both positive and negative, can be gauged according to the values and students’ attention can be drawn to their performance measured against them.

We have included these values as a downloadable document under information/downloads as some parents have expressed a wish to display them on the family fridge at home to serve as a regular reminder to children.

We hope you find this useful.

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