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Rm 1 Upcycling

On Friday 1st of November,

We made our excellent pot plants from up cycled materials. We learnt about how up-cycling can reduce the amount of rubbish that goes to landfill whilst having lots of fun. They also make cute desk decor! Miss Anderson (our pre-service teacher) was leading this activity and did an amazing job in teaching us.


First, we collected up cycled ‘pots’. We had three requirements for the pots: they had to be 20cm length by 20cm height by 20cm width, they had to be novel or interesting and they had to be waterproof. Before we started we did a worksheet to learn about succulents and answered 4 questions. We also had a tiny bit of maths where we had to calculate what size the gift box would be if you were to give your pot plant as a present and what the volume of the box would be.


The smartest thing we did was to use succulents so everyone can now watch them grow for the rest of the year with a much lower chance of dying and children can grow them easily. The succulents don’t use much water which is excellent for the environment too! It was also a great opportunity for us to apply what we have been learning about animal and plant adaptations in Science.????

By Lucah and Euan

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